Monday, February 20, 2006

private collection

Lots of talk about jobs, moving, future and sharing spaces. Too much and too personal to write here for the world to read. All this in a time where I feel totally content doing what I'm doing. Like I said previously, something clicked a while ago about my project and my art in general. I'm excited and into it. Daily going to school to work on images - and PRINTING ! yup printing - getting away from little tests and web based imagery. It's such a treat. The project is coming along nicely.

Things have settled about job/moving talk - and there are some exciting options for life here in Montreal.

So the show/auction went really well. All the works were sold and the night was drunken fun. Oh - my piece is now a part of Genevieve Cadieux's private collection - right there with the Kiki Smith. Very very flattering (blush). I'll post pics of the night when some one gives me some. Here's the peice hanging next to Celias' - they look great together.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I guess this provides a bit of context and links the work to other work in art history - I had seen Sam Taylor Wood's image before, but not with the bottom bit - damn. I thought that bit was original. Both are totally referencing the Mantegna. Interesting. I always thought of the Mantegna with my image - I remember seeing it in Art History classes in high school - there's another one as well that I can't think of now - I think it's a Dutch painter, and I think there's a crown of thorns on the Christ figure. Let me know if anyone knows.

Soliloquy VII
Sam Taylor-Wood
C-type color prints,
framed in two parts
87 1/3 x 95 1/4 inches

Andrea Mantegna
The Lamentation over the Dead Christ
c. 1490
Tempera on canvas
68 x 81 cm
Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

Untitled Landscape # 1
Jim Verburg
colour inkjet print
40 by 39 inches

Friday, February 10, 2006

Issues (and a print)

I just had a meeting with my professor Genevieve Cadieux and TA Esther Choi - both very talented artists. This particular class has annoyed me for a number of reasons (which I'll go into another time), but what has also annoyed me is my indecisiveness with regards to my work and approach - things have shifted in the way that I work and the way I see photography - having so much in my head about the history, context, what's been done before, can be really debilitating (rather than inspirational). I'm working with graphic and color elements, but seem to be unable to make any sort of successful series or display - maybe I'm trying too hard - maybe I'm not trusting my instincts like I used to, or I'm just sick of photo. Whatever the case - it's been a frustrating experience.

Things seemed to come together in this meeting however. I feel good - the series and pairing came naturally. I was impressed with how both Genevieve and Esther worked with the mini images before them - seeing then in a way I hadn't before.

It was good. I'm on a good path now.

I'm now off to two art opening parties. It's gonna be a fun night.

We hang the Cash and Carry show on Sunday. I like the print I'm showing - it's big (40 inches by 40 inches).

Oh - don't get me started about Ol Stevie's cabinet choices. What an ass. That's another post.

Friday, February 03, 2006


New poster I did for a show I'm in. Click to enlarge. Resolution's not the greatest.


ok ok ok - I'll post a good one soon, been way too busy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Thank god it's a Conservative MINORITY and not majority. Ol Stevie will have a tough time peddling his backward, outdated (harmful, unconstitutional, extremist) social views in the new house.

NDP UP TO 29 SEATS !!!! (from 18 in the last election) with 17.49 % of the votes, and YAY for Olivia for winning her riding of Trinity/Spadina in Toronto. those two are such a cute couple. I remember seeing them at anti poverty marches in my earlier days. I'm so pleased they'll be working in parliament.

I'm hoping the crazy "Focus on the Family" and "Promise Keeper" elected will fuck up and scare everyone with their wacked out views and cause people to never vote Conservative again. Why do the christians vote for the party ideologically so far away from any christian value of importance. They all expect them to repeal the ruling on same sex marriage (which they can't) - wanting so badly to protect a "value" they believed to be of utmost importance - while other issues (talked about WAY MORE in the bible...feed the sick, care for the poor, take care of the earth) food and shelter for those in need, making sure everyone has access to good healthcare regardless of income, care for the aging population, affordable education, and a little issue called GLOBAL WARMING - but no, lets vote for a party "putting money in the hands of Canadians" (at the expense of all the important programs that make this country great), a party with roots deep in organization that want to protect words, labels and fundamentalist views that a very small group of people in this country hold. A little hypocritical me thinks.

check this out -

Enough of that rant. Here's some powerhouse cuteness for you all.

Monday, January 23, 2006


By law employers need to give you 3 hours to vote. Polls close at 9:30 pm. check out Elections Canada online for you local voting station, or call 1 800 463 6868.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


A totally relaxing do what I feel like day complete with a breakfast dates, stop by visits, lots of coffee and phone calls, afternoon hours in bed (roy took the day off), and plans for dinner at a surprise location ("a place we've wanted to try for a while") - turns out my closest friends where waiting for me at my house with lots of wine, cheese, gourmet dinner, dessert and presents - my very first surprise party ! A perfect scenario - a small group, no planning (or knowledge of plans on my part), no organizing and no expectations. Thank you my friends.

Thanks for the emails, calls and visits (Mom, Dad, Jason, Anita, Liz (as if I forgot YOUR birthday), Joseph, Caners, Mikie, Hiister, Robyn, Dominique, Emma, Eric (there in spirit - GET BETTER SOON!), Fussell, Matt, Deebs and the Roy.

YAY 29 !!

And the GIFTS !! beautiful drawn and designed poster, bookmarks and a card from Roy - that'll look great in a light box (oh yeah, and a CORNER ROUNDER!), necessities and card from Danny (all wrapped with notes and fun), a beautiful portrait of Emma and I, and a ticket to BELLE AND SEABASTIAN (!!!!!) (New Pornographers opening ! - two for one man) - whatever - only one of my absolutely favorite bands ever.